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Ensure that students are having the best possible experience in your laundry facility!


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Laundry Management System

Automatic Laundry offers On-Campus Laundry Room Management Services to give students the best laundry room solutions while they’re at school. To optimize your student’s experience, we offer modern laundry equipment and installation.

Mobile Laundry Payment App

Students will be able to add money to their laundry cards and keep track of machine usage with our LaundryConnect™ smartphone app to make getting laundry done as easy as possible. Our mobile laundry app will also give students the ability to check on the status of machines in the laundry room remotely so no time is wasted on unnecessary trips to the laundry room.


LaundryConnect™ gives residents the ability to remotely view (real-time) availability in the laundry room

Automatic Laundry offers a variety of service options to manage our customers unique laundry needs. From our highly efficient laundry equipment and superior customer service to our LaundryConnect™ system featuring Service Alert, we have the solutions to best manage community laundry facilities.
Give students the most convenient way to do laundry and manage laundry equipment repairs effectively with our LaundryConnect™ app.

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GPS Enabled Service

All vehicles are monitored using GPS technology and service calls are dispatched through our computerized call system. When a service call is placed, we are able to immediately see which technician is closest to the location requiring service, and dispatch the nearest service van.

Enhanced Networking Systems

LaundryConnect™ allows each community laundry room to be networked to a property-specific website, giving residents the ability to remotely view, in real-time, the community laundry room, check machine availability, and the remaining cycle time for maximum convenience.



Innovative Service Solutions

Our Service solutions span a series of consultative, structural, features & amenities which maximize your residents’ experience.

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“Automatic Laundry has always been a terrific service partner. The recent payment system removal and technology upgrade was completed ahead of schedule. The silence from our student body speaks volumes on both fronts.”

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With Our App

Make getting laundry done as easy as possible for students with our mobile app. The LaundryConnect™ App gives students the ability to view the real-time usage of machines in an on-campus laundry room.

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