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Our Service solutions span a series of consultative, structural, features & amenities which maximize your residents’ experience.

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Industries Served

Automatic Laundry serves Greater Boston and all of New England, eastern upstate New York, New York City, and northern New Jersey.

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When you contact Automatic Laundry regarding an interest in upgrading your laundry facilities, our trained sales team will schedule a visit to the property to conduct a Complimentary Efficiency Survey. During your survey, our tech will inspect the laundry facilities and make recommendations on equipment mix, payment system, as well as possible infrastructure improvements including venting and plumbing. 


The Automatic Laundry Service sales team in collaboration with in-house legal counsel is experienced at reading and interpreting the terms of your current laundry lease as well as the status of that lease. A lease analysis can provide insight to your current commission payment structure and related fees, the term of the lease, expected expiration of the lease, as well as the date you must notify your current service provider should you wish to take your account out to bid. 


After completing the site survey of your property, our techs may be actively involved in the design and planning of your laundry facility. Key points will be addressed, such as configuration of the laundry room, number of washers and dryers serving the property, potential improvements to infrastructure regarding plumbing, electrical and venting, possible room improvements such as paint, new flooring and vent configuration


When you identify Automatic Laundry as your preferred laundry management team, we will install the proposed Department of Energy qualified laundry equipment, payment system, and LaundryConnect™ (our proprietary monitoring system) at no cost to the property.

Ownership’s sole responsibility is providing the necessary water, electrical, and draining infrastructure for us to connect our equipment to.  When working with Automatic Laundry there is no charge for installation or equipment.


Our Resident Advantage® system offers residents a cashless “must have” amenity. Our system eliminates the need for residents to horde quarters in order to do their laundry.



  • Modern
  • Encourages on-site laundry
  • Greater customer convenience
  • Immediate refund capability
  • Drives revenues
  • Ability to manage increasing costs of utilities


How it Works

Upon installation each resident will receive a Resident Laundry Card. Automatic Laundry offers several different ways to add value to their Laundry Card. Residents may use their credit card or bank ATM card to add value to their card, or they may conveniently go online to our secure website to create a user profile and add value to their card using our code based revalue system. Residents who do not have access to the Internet or do not have a credit card can arrange to purchase value on their card by prepaying via check and one of our helpful card administrators will add the purchased value on to their card and return it to them, or contact them with their value code.


Which Payment System is Best for My Property?

Automatic Laundry offers an array of payment systems. Such systems include cash systems, credit and debit card systems, and code based revalue. In order to determine which system best suits your property, our sales representatives are trained to work hand in hand with management to determine which system that best suits the community’s unique laundry needs.



Since 1964, Automatic Laundry has been and remains a local, independent, and family-owned business.

We pride ourselves on direct relationships with our customers as we live and work in the same communities they do. Our most important relationships are with you, our customers.

We are a pioneer in technology integration for community laundry rooms. Besides our LaundryConnect Pay mobile app, we offer the groundbreaking LaundryConnect™ laundry room monitoring technology.

Customer Service

Our customer service staff is knowledgeable of the local marketplace, possesses an understanding of the region’s dynamics, and knows exactly who to contact when there is an emergency.  Our customer service staff is able to resolve customer issues in a single call… no second and third customer call backs required.

Service Turnaround

Service requests will be repaired either the same or next day (within eight business hours during regular workdays). The service department is in constant contact with each service truck. Our web-based dispatching system, in combination with the GPS tracking technology, allows our service managers to efficiently dispatch all service requests. All of our service trucks are completely equipped with a full complement of parts so that repairs are made on the first visit.

In addition to calling our 24-hour service number, residents can simply visit our website to request service online, obtain refunds, learn how to do their laundry, and how to properly use the equipment.


Automatic Laundry utilizes industry leading, commercial-grade equipment featuring a secure automated auditing system. Competing brands either have a lower functioning (less secure) systems or lack auditing capabilities. Our advanced auditing system ensures accurate and transparent payments. Our Add-Value Terminals are also equipped with a secure and comprehensive auditing system, which accurately tracks laundry revenues. The sophisticated nature of our system allows us to provide our clients with Direct Deposit commission payments and detailed statements that are faithfully delivered. 



The vent configuration is the number one concern when installing new dryers.  Our techs will provide valuable insight on the vent configuration that will optimize dry times and reduce utility expenses associated with the dry cycle.

Automatic Laundry will provide your residents a valuable laundry amenity that will encourage residents to use (and continue to use) on-site laundry facilities, driving your laundry revenue and increasing your property value.